Hailing from India, a land full of intriguing, vibrant stories, I have always found myself to be a visual storyteller with a love for research and design. I found my true calling in the field of film production design by combining the two things I was most fascinated with - Design and Storytelling. 

After pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, a subject which has shaped my mind and perspectives, I found my place in the art department of film and television industry as a set dresser, buyer, set decorator and an art department coordinator. 

As a detail oriented scenic designer, it is my passion to research, design and create worlds that enhance the narrative. 

Being a fresh graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a masters in Production Design, I am seeking projects where I can tell stories through my design and bring a unique design perspective to projects varying in genres.

scenic designer

Manali Gavankar